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Empowering high-achievers for a fulfilling life!

Where confidence meets balance

My name is Dr. Shauna Pollard and I’m here to work with you through the ups and downs to achieve a happier, healthier, more successful you.

I'm here to help!

I work with professionals who need an extra hand in finding their balance.

Carving out time for yourself can be a challenge when you are always on the go and being pulled in a million directions.

Having that one moment in the week where you can tune in to your own needs and work towards creating the life that you want for yourself is attainable.

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I’m here to listen and support you in finding your way.


Finding strategies that work for you!

Deep Dive

A single session that’s just right!

Online Dating

You can have fun, be confident, and be in charge!


Integrative Psychotherapy

Ready to start making changes?

I’m ready to help!

Online therapy can provide you with a safe space to explore solutions to specific issues that you may be facing. Therapy can give you tools to feel better, shift your thinking and learn new tools to cope with stress.

By working with me, you will have a patient and skilled guide who can help you navigate the process of change, as well as someone with expertise in working with the unique challenges that busy professionals face. I’m available in over 35 states through PsyPact, so that works perfectly if you need to attend therapy from different states or have a move coming up. Schedule your free consultation today to learn more.