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Focused Short-Term Therapy

Struggling and Looking for a Short, Structured Approach

The Unified Protocol workbook is my primary modality of choice. It’s proven to be an effective method for goal-oriented individuals who thrive on structure.

I completed my post-doctoral training in evidence-based treatments and found that the Unified Protocol workbook just works! This workbook is the fastest way to gain more emotional control, learn how to apply new skills, and observe your changes over time.

This treatment is  perfect for you, if you want treatment that is: 

Designed for a 3-6 month window

Clear, defined, and has an agenda

Focused on the here and now

Going to help you feel better

The goal of this treatment is to help you feel better and more in control by teaching you different ways of responding to your emotions.

It’s designed to target a range of different disorders and problems and was specifically developed by a team of researchers. 

I started doing this treatment with clients about 5 years ago and have seen great results!

Clients love this protocol because:

  1. It’s like ‘therapy skills 101’- it provides a great foundation & concrete skills for those who want symptom relief without exploring the past too heavily
  2. You determine the pace
  3. You can do it by yourself, but it’s way more fun when we do it as a team
  4. It combines some of my favorite evidence-based treatments (CBT, mindfulness & motivational interviewing) 
  5. It works if you work it!