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How to Start a Self-Care Routine? in Everyday Health

  • “Good self-care involves doing the things that will help you operate at an optimal level,” says Shauna Pollard, PhD, a psychologist based in Rockville, Maryland. The activities you make part of your self-care routine should strike a balance between the activities that provide enjoyment once they’re done and the ones that bring immediate joy, she says.
  • Prioritizing self-care can be especially challenging amid constant negative headlines, political infighting, and international crises. “Feeling overwhelmed or helpless are emotional experiences that can come from taking in constant cycles of bad news,” Dr. Pollard says.

    Although it’s important to stay informed enough to keep yourself and your family safe, Pollard recommends disengaging from the news if you notice increased feelings of anger, fear, anxiety, or sadness. “You can limit the time you spend consuming the news. Avoid doom scrolling or allowing your technology to constantly interrupt you with the latest headline,” she says.

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