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Meal Planning with ADHD in ADHD Online

  • Dedicating time in one’s schedule to coming up with meal ideas, cooking and baking can be one way to stimulate the brain and use one’s creativity productively. Shauna Pollard, a doctorate-level psychologist, echoes the impact meal planning can have on individuals with ADHD.

“Having nutritious meals on hand when needed can help [the] tendency to avoid skipping meals, [manage] the impulse to order takeout, pick up fast food, or eat junk food when busy [and] avoid emotional challenges that come with undereating,” she says.

  • Just like any important deadline, scheduling and prioritizing your meal planning is the key. “Meal planning is challenging because it involves so many of the executive functions: planning, organizing, multiple steps, staying focused, time management and managing distractions,” says Pollard. “Make time to come up with a game plan and write it down if you need to. Start with a meal plan strategy that’s not going to overwhelm you.”

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