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Clinicians with ADHD

Professional online group consultation sessions

Instead of feeling overwhelmed going into 2023, set yourself up to win!

Get practical support for developing systems that help you keep the money you earn and implement those ideas that you’ve been sitting on.

Learn new ways to streamline your processes. 

Build community with other therapists who are ready to level up their practices.

Are you ready to connect with other clinicians who have ADHD?

Struggling with planning, prioritizing tasks, organization, and time management are NOT uncommon for ADHD’ers, but they show up differently when you are a therapist.

Staying on top of documentation, overcommitting because you have so many ideas and skills, managing the flood of emails and phone calls, and of course, keeping up with the demands of licensure (CEUs!!!).

Finding other clinicians experiencing the joys and challenges of living with ADHD is a game changer.

Who wouldn’t want to build community with other clinicians navigating the ups and downs of dealing with ADHD?

It’s a guaranteed way to uplevel your network AND to learn from other clinicians who can share their preferred strategies for success. 

Join psychologist and ADHD specialist, Dr. Shauna Pollard, for a virtual consultation group for ADHD clinicians that is designed to empower you to find new ways to thrive. For six weeks, you’ll connect with other ADHD clinicians who are passionate about the work that they do but need to learn and grow from clinicians who get it.

I know that it can be hard to decide where to invest your time and energy. We’re often drawn to so many different trainings and workshops and it feels like there’s one more thing to learn.

This might be the right group for you if:

  • You’ve been feeling alone in managing your ADHD and you are looking for a safe space to talk about the challenges you face.
  • You don’t mind having an additional tax deduction for 2022, especially when you know you’ll make the money back (and then some) by tightening up your systems and coming up with better ways to track your income and deductions.
  • You thrive in community and you know you learn best and feel inspired from seeing others who are doing what you aspire to do.
  • You are excited about upleveling your practice in 2023!

Getting Started is Simple

Step 1 – Schedule your free 15min screening with Dr. P.

Step 2 – Attend your 1-on-1 Screening and find out if the group will be a good fit for you!

Step 3 – Fill out a few forms and make a payment.

Step 4 – Join the Zoom and be ready to connect and learn!

Colorful Pencils That Represent the Diversity Present Among Clinicians of Color
photo of Shauna Pollard African American woman Atlanta therapist for ADHD and more

Hi, I'm Dr. P!

I was a late diagnosis. By the time I even started to seriously consider ADHD, I’d already completed a whole dissertation for my PhD (200+ pages). Finally getting an ADHD diagnosis brought up so many different emotions ranging from relief & hope to guilt & resentment. 

I always knew that something was different about me. I stayed friends with the Lost and Found. Getting locked out of my place happened several times a year.  If I didn’t do things quickly, I might never circle back. I got in trouble for talking too much & sometimes I noticed people zoning out when I felt I still had so much left to say (grrr).

I’ve got tons of stories of the chaos that resulted from my ADHD. However, learning about my ADHD made me so appreciative of the brain that I had, and how I made it work for me over the years. 

Learning about ADHD through my clinical training and through the eyes of my clients, gave me a new appreciation for having ADHD. The hyperfocus, my sparkling personality, my ability to make quantum leaps in a discussion that only other ADHD people can keep up with, the fact that I get to talk all day (and write) professionally, and my excitement about doing ALL of the things. 

I learned (and I continue to learn) how to live alongside my ADHD. I am aware of many of the ways that it shows up and I’m happy to let it work for me when I can. I also work to keep my areas of struggle in check. These days, I’m not only a clinical psychologist. I’m an entrepreneur with a small team working to support my business. I love that I get to help people & do it on my terms and I want to show you how you can thrive with ADHD too!

Start with a no obligation free screening to make sure that the group is right for you.

Group Session Details

When: Starts February 24, 2023 & will be held every Friday thereafter for 6 weeks

Time: 1-2pm EST

Investment: $525 for 6 weeks. Payment can be made in 2 installments or in full. Full fee is due by February 16, 2023.

As an ADHD clinician, you’re likely talented in many ways, but underneath the public successes are often deep personal struggles. You’re not alone! I’ve heard from so many clinicians who love the work they do but need support too.

The power of a community of therapists who are dealing with several experiences is unmatched. Together, we’ll explore strategies to help you leverage your ADHD strengths and manage your weaknesses in the professional realm. I’m so excited about this group and am looking forward to getting started.

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