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Struggling with Adult ADHD?

Black professional overwhelmed in front of laptop and needs to search for online therapist near Silver Spring Maryland

Many adults find themselves struggling with procrastination, constant distractions, and keeping up with important things. Some are classic overachievers and some underachieve, having been unsupported, untreated, or undiagnosed.  ADHD can come in a lot of different flavors.

Being a professional with ADHD can mean that others may not even recognize that you are struggling because you have naturally found workarounds for your areas of weakness. This may allow you to excel at school or in your career, but challenges with being organized, handling intense emotions, and managing your time wisely can catch up eventually. Hitting that wall can show up as burnout, challenges in relationships, financial issues, or a loss of confidence in yourself.

The skills that got you to where you are,
may not be enough to get you to the next level.

You’ve read all of the articles online, own several books about ADHD, and in this era of social media, you feel seen by the TikToks, reels, and IG posts. You’ve tried medication or at least thought about it, but you know it’s just a tool and not a cure-all. The truth is, you haven’t really addressed your ADHD very much in therapy. Which makes sense, because you’ve been in crisis mode and there were so many other issues that needed your attention!

You’re here now reading this, because you’re ready for a therapist that can bring it all together. Someone who can help you manage the emotional challenges of ADHD, but can also give you some concrete skills that work for your ADHD brain. Someone who won’t be ruffled when you interrupt with an exciting detail, or who can help you get back on track when you jump between different topics.

You don’t just want a therapist who checks off the ADHD box on a profile, you’ve probably been there and done that. You want a therapist with specific expertise in treating adult ADHD, someone who has a good track record with helping ADHD’ers learn to set better boundaries and make the type of life choices that you can feel good about. 

Well congrats! You’re in the right place. I love working with my ADHD clients and have lots of personal and professional experience in supporting individuals with ADHD. 

You are not alone and therapy can help.

You don’t need to be fixed, you just need some additional support so that you can improve your functioning across the board.  Through our work together, we can help you:

  1. Learn how to work with the brain that you have 
  2. Improve how you manage your emotions so that they don’t manage you
  3. Increase your confidence in yourself and stop being so hard on yourself
If you are feeling ready to reach out and find out more about working with me, schedule your free consultation today.