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Mind-Body Integrative Psychotherapy

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Health issues interfering with your life plans?

Does stress make you feel worse physically?
Determined not to let your health problems run the show?

Let’s help you gain better control
over your physical health and emotional well-being.

Oftentimes, clients are frustrated about the division between mental health and physical health in medical settings, despite the fact that the mind-body connection is well documented.

Clients wrestling with health issues may find it beneficial to seek out the services of a therapist for multiple reasons.

Therapy adds another layer to the traditional healthcare approach by looking at the interplay between your beliefs, feelings, past experiences, current behaviors, habits, and bodily sensations. You may find yourself exploring patterns that have kept you from moving forward.

Therapy can help you:

Improve your day-to-day habits

Create a more positive outlook

Identify the values that matter most to you

Build a life in alignment with your most important values

Learn how to be your own advocate

Gain the skills you need to deal with life’s challenges

There’s still time to make some changes. You’ve always been there for other people, but now it’s time to show up for yourself!

I’ve worked with hundreds of clients on major to minor life issues to provide clarity, relief, and understanding that allows for a way forward. I would love to join you on your journey.

Big changes don’t happen all at once, but in a short time you can take action towards building the life that you want. Therapy can help you start to understand the patterns that are keeping you stuck and take steps to help you feel happier and more content.

Trained in research supported therapies and yet down-to-earth and relatable, I use the tools and strategies that are right for you based on your unique needs. Schedule an appointment today.