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Online Dating Therapy

Woman paying attention to online screen in Rockville Maryland

Keeping your heart (and sanity) intact while searching for the one

It’s been months or even years of swiping right, reading DMs, and responding to those oh-so-predictable ‘good morning’ texts. It’s just not fun anymore.

You’ve gone out on numerous “dates”, made small talk, and frankly, you’re just a little bit over the dating process. You’re left wondering if this is just another “situationship” or if it’s time to just call it quits and “fly solo” for a while.

My clients are taking their control back, having fun, and feeling the excitement of dating again! 

Imagine if you could date in a way that…

The frustration with online dating is a common issue among single professionals:

    • 65% of dating app users agreed that online dating “felt like a job” after nine months.
      1 (Statistic Brain, 2018, Online Dating Industry Report).
    • 10% of app users give up on online dating after just three months!
      2 (Kapersky Lab, 2017, Online Dating Report).
    • 63% of online daters are single professionals who work full time.
      3 (Clarissa Silva, 2017, Why We Choose the Wrong Partners When We Use Dating Apps).

You are not looking for another job, especially one where you get ghosted, rejected, or ignored.

I can help you take back your power

I offer a safe, non-judgmental approach to talking about your online dating experiences and helping you find solutions for your dating struggles.

I work with many singles and I understand the frustration that comes with modern dating in the tech era.

I can help you improve how you navigate the online dating experience and develop concrete strategies to help you make the process work for you. You can gain practical skills to help you find “the one” or even just “the one for right now”.

Stop letting the apps run you. Online Dating Therapy can help you learn to harness dating apps as a tool to get what you need.

You could keep repeating your usual approach to dating and…

…get the same frustrating results.
…encounter red flags over and over.
…put up with underwhelming matches.
…compromise yourself in all of the wrong ways.


I can help you gain clarity about your dating patterns and the types of therapy that can help you get the change that you seek.

Learn how to stop going with the tide and to be the captain of your own ship. And let’s have fun with the process!

I can show you how.